VINIV Bordeaux

Capturing a truly bespoke winemaking experience in Bordeaux, with a brand centred around the customer’s journey.

When VINIV approached us, they already had a strong reputation through word of mouth and international press coverage. VINIV offer a truly bespoke experience, guiding their customers from vine to bottle, to create a wine unique to their taste. We placed emphasis on this experience, identifying the core brand positioning as ‘The protagonist's journey through the story of their wine’.

The logo refers to the complete cycle of winemaking, from young growing vines to the glass vials used in the blending process, while rich watercolour backgrounds were created to represent the individual and unique character of each wine.

Beautiful photography follows our protagonist's journey in Bordeaux and is paired with an emotionally rich tone of voice to describe the adventure. ‘A life explored, a story bottled’.

Informed by the brand positioning, we used handwriting, sketches and expressive brush strokes to reinforce the bespoke nature of the experience. Further watercolour washes evoke the changing seasons and painted maps add character to the customer experience.

The website was designed to attract the customer to begin their own journey, pulling all of the brand elements together to describe the full experience and increase client enquiries. A private members site was also created to accompany clients throughout their winemaking process.


When VINIV began to search for a brand agency, we were at that phase in our development when we needed a complete Ctrl+Alt+Del in our look, feel and message. We were looking for a partner who would be capable of viewing our business with a clear set of eyes and no preconceived notions. We needed an outsider to get some perspective and to take us from a luxury-product myopia to a 360-degree bespoke luxury-experience mind set. Delight took on the challenge, not only with an aggressive timeline but with little knowledge of the Bordeaux wine industry. Everything that has been delivered since then has been nothing short of stellar. VINIV’s major investor, who is also the CEO of one of the most iconic Bordeaux wine brands, compared their thinking, clarity and elegance to Apple and Nespresso.

Delight indeed reset VINIVs’ brand, and we feel that it is well positioned to take off.  And they continue to guide us, and rein us in if we are going off track.

Stephen Bolger & Lisa La Plant

Founder & Marketing Director, VINIV Bordeaux
Logo for luxury wine experience brand Viniv Bordeaux
Client tasting red wine as part of a bespoke luxury experience

Engaging close-ups capture the sensory experience of tasting wine.

Typography for lifestyle brand Viniv Bordeaux
A man walking through a vineyard in Bordeaux
Branded email newsletters for luxury wine experience Viniv Bordeaux
The community of winemakers enjoy a meal at Viniv Bordeaux

Working alongside the VINIV team and their real clients, we captured the sense of community that’s central to the experience.

Painted brand icons for luxury wine brand Viniv Bordeaux
Jean-Michel Cazes and Jean-Charles Cazes enjoying wine at Viniv Bordeaux
Business Cards
Blending wine experience with Viniv Bordeaux expert winemakers