The Moment

A film and campaign that demonstrates our philosophy, aesthetic and the kind of rich brand communication we offer our clients.

‘The Moment’ – when the rush of all your senses come together to inspire the feeling of Delight. We know that anyone who has any aspiration or interest in the way they live and express themselves is no stranger to that feeling.

We created a film to illustrate the approach we take to engage with fashion, travel, food and lifestyle audiences. A series of moments; the film covers different categories from fashion, sportswear, food, interiors and accessories.

We’ve collected these ‘Moments’ as shorter edits, clips and still images that are category and product-specific. This resulted in a comprehensive toolkit of assets to be used across traditional, digital and social media alongside copy lines describing the emotional backstory of the products featured.

Fashion lifestyle photography of man enjoying a lazing Sunday morning reading a magazine
Fashion lifestyle film of woman getting ready for an evening out

We produced a wealth of photographic material over two days while shoot the film which we used in a lookbook and pushed out through our social media channels.

Fashion lifestyle film of a man wearing a suit and getting ready for a night out
Fashion lifestyle films kiss at the end of the final scene

We’re always suckers for a bit of romance and a happy ending.