Sunborn Yacht Hotels

Telling a richer lifestyle story for the world's first superyacht hotel.

We have worked closely with Sunborn to position their brand to a level fitting of a superyacht hotel – highlighting the five-star experience and the wealth and breadth of activities available.

We created a series of aspirational photographic scenes, which were used alongside a large catalogue of still life and incidental images, adding depth to all customer communications – from market-specific advertising to catalogues and their website.


We worked with Delight as our main creative agency for the opening and ongoing operation of our flagship 5-star hotel – Sunborn Gibraltar, as well as important brand design and marketing projects for other Sunborn international properties. Their work scope has included brand development, the design of marketing materials and advertising campaigns in all media’s – as well as the commissioning and art direction of brand imagery and film material.

With a new intentional hotel concept we wanted a world-class design partner – who could also work closely with us and give us very individual service. Delight certainly delivered in this and the standard of their work exceeded expectations.

Andrew Shaw

Marketing Director, Sunborn International
Sunset over The Strait of Gibraltar - Sunborn Yacht Hotels
Lifestyle photography of man swimming aboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel
Still life photography of the yacht hotels branded in-room merchandise
Lifestyle photography of couple enjoying a super yacht hotel holiday

We drew on luxury fashion advertising to create aspirational imagery associated with a luxury yacht lifestyle.

Still life photography of the yacht hotel's staff uniforms
Merchandise still life photography of the hotel's branded umbrella
Lifestyle photography of man swimming, for super yacht hotel brand Sunborn
Luxury lifestyle and fashion photography of woman sunbathing for super yacht hotel travel experience
Lifestyle photography of a man sailing inspired by luxury fashion advertising for a super yacht hotel