Sunborn Casino

Capturing the thrill of experiencing the world’s first superyacht casino.

Residing astern the Sunborn Gibraltar superyacht hotel, Sunborn Casino offers a unique experience to guests and high rollers from all over the world. We developed an extensive brand identity and photography campaign to communicate the thrill and excitement of the luxurious Casino, inspired by classic spy and gambling films such as ‘Casino’ and ‘Casino Royale’. This extended across gaming tablecloths, gambling chips, membership cards and the website, with a full supporting advertising campaign across media platforms.

The photography highlights the different emotions associated with the casino's games – and is used alongside the tagline ‘where passion meets play’ in an international advertising campaign.


We worked with Delight as our main creative agency for the opening and ongoing operation of our flagship 5-star hotel – Sunborn Gibraltar, as well as important brand design and marketing projects for other Sunborn international properties. Their work scope has included brand development, the design of marketing materials and advertising campaigns in all media’s – as well as the commissioning and art direction of brand imagery and film material.

With a new intentional hotel concept we wanted a world-class design partner – who could also work closely with us and give us very individual service. Delight certainly delivered in this and the standard of their work exceeded expectations.

Andrew Shaw

Marketing Director, Sunborn International
Casino Sunborn brand identity with brand pattern
Launch campaign advertising photography of couple playing blackjack

For the campaign photography we wanted to play with themes from film and popular culture that the customer would associate with a casino onboard a yacht hotel.

Nautical themed brand icons used on the gambling chips

We created icons for the playing cards and casino chips based on nautical themes.

Launch campaign advertising photography of man in the casino
Gambling chip designs featuring the nautical themed brand icons
Launch campaign advertising photography of man playing blackjack
Casino launch campaign on billboard for luxury travel brand Sunborn Yacht Hotels
Lifestyle photography of couple enjoying drinks in the casino bar