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Digital Sustainability

As a lifestyle branding agency, we’re excited to see how forward thinking businesses will navigate a post-covid society. The biggest question our clients are asking is: what changes do I need to make to my brand to hit the ground running? To us the answer lies in Digital Sustainability. So, we’ve compiled a report that explores these themes, and their symbiotic relationship. We outline the piece below. For complimentary access to the full report, just email us contact@wearedelight.com.

“To live in elegant simplicity, we need to pay attention to three areas of existence: our soil, our soul and our society.”
Satish Kuman, Elegant Simplicity

We long for an epoch of elegant simplicity.

Historians like Dr Liam Fox and Yuval Noah Harari told us that the pandemic could be the catalyst that brings about a whole new world.

Business leaders admitted their optimistic view of the pandemic as Mother Earth speaking to us; a wake up call; urging us to awaken in a world where we need to redefine what normality is.

Trend forecasters have advised that consumers are expecting brands to actively improve society rather than ‘just making things’.

The earth seems to be thriving. Images of cleaner canals in Venice, wildlife emerging into our towns, and carbon maps depicting reduced emissions, can be read as encouraging omens.

Where the pragmatist tells us that, historically, the environmental agenda will always take a backseat to economic growth, we reply that we see an opportunity for digital to facilitate a tripod of social, environmental and economic sustainable growth.

“When the world changes quickly, people have new needs, and that means there are more new things to build.”
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

In our previous piece, Delight Your Community, Thrive Through Humanity, we explored the conversations that brands were having with their customers at the start of lockdown.

In this report, we delve specifically into the conversations that digital has enabled around sustainability. Now, brands will need to strategise around how to consolidate these narratives in their brand models and key messages in a post-lockdown era.

We then explore how a brand’s digital assets can become a crucial part of a more sustainable future. These are digital opportunities that we have been sitting on for years, without the impetus to make the most of them. With Pandora’s Box opened, the opportunity is ripe for brands to invest into them.

Finally we explore the ways in which we advise our clients to do just that.

We’d love to share this complimentary report with you. For access, just email us contact@wearedelight.com.

Will Shorrocks