Will Shorrocks

Cultivating Wellness: The New Frontier for Business Travellers in Hospitality

The burgeoning wellness trend has already made significant inroads in the leisure and hospitality sector, but are hoteliers now beginning to recognise its potential for business travellers as well?

The intersection of wellness and productivity is increasingly evident, as our physical and emotional well-being plays a pivotal role in our capacity to meet the demands of our work. Neglecting one’s well-being can have adverse effects on productivity, a concern that becomes particularly pronounced during business travel, where disruptions to routines, time zone adjustments, and performance pressures can exact a toll on both physical and mental health.

Sky-High Yoga with Edge x Equinox

Despite the strides made by innovative gyms, clubs, and co-working spaces such as Equinox, Fora, and Uncommon in embracing wellness as an integral part of their offerings, it appears that the hotel industry has yet to fully embrace the evolving needs of today’s working professionals.

Statistics from the Global Business Travel Association shed light on the significance of wellness amenities when business travellers make their hotel bookings. A staggering 83% of travellers consider workout facilities or proximity to walkable areas as pivotal factors in their decision-making process. Moreover, 53% of business travellers make it a point to incorporate exercise into their routines during nearly every trip, with 23% reporting that they engage in physical activity more frequently while on business travel compared to their regular home-based routines.

Mind, Body & Soul at Fora

While many travellers are content with outdoor running or using hotel gym facilities, a substantial 43% express a desire for hotels to offer yoga amenities, while 32% are keen on having meditation spaces available on-site.

Unsurprisingly, the most pressing wellness concerns for business travellers revolve around sleep, with 37% citing a lack of quality sleep as a significant issue. Additionally, 34% express concerns about the general stress associated with travel, and 33% are troubled by unhealthy eating habits while on the road. In response, business travellers express a keen interest in specific wellness offerings from hotels, with 77% desiring in-room filtered drinking water, 73% seeking healthy food delivery options, and 71% looking for air purifiers to enhance their well-being during their stay.

The synergy between business and wellness presents a highly compelling proposition, one that has yet to be fully tapped into by many in the industry. As the interplay between work and well-being gains prominence in the modern professional landscape, the hospitality sector is presented with a significant opportunity to cater to the evolving needs and expectations of business Travellers by providing comprehensive wellness amenities and experiences that go beyond traditional offerings.

Will Shorrocks