Will Shorrocks

Ahead of The Curve: Embracing Curvaceous Interior Design in 2024

As we set our sights on 2024, the design landscape is undergoing a transformation—one that embraces the allure of curves and soft shapes. According to the experts, iconic seating choices like Hans Wegner’s Wishbone chairs and Vladimir Kagan’s Serpentine sofas are leading the charge, embodying the distinct attribute of curvaceousness.

West Village Townhouse by Alyssa Kapito

Renowned design platform 1stDibs recently declared these iconic pieces as the most coveted by designers, sparking a movement away from the rigidity of straight lines. Designers like Ashley Liu are championing the shift, stating, “I’m over the straight line—we’re all about some curves and softer shapes in the new year.” The sentiment resonates with a broader design community that is increasingly drawn to the beauty and sophistication of undulating forms.

Leading designers such as Kapito and Deeds are quick to emphasise the importance of balance in incorporating this trend. Kapito advises, “The thing you need to remember about any trend is that you don’t want to commit to it everywhere,” suggesting a mix of curved and straight lines for an interesting and harmonious space. Deeds, taking regional design into account, notes that the undulating curves, like those found in the work of Jean Royère, are a regular theme in Palm Beach design.

Jean Royère

The allure of curves doesn’t stop with seating; it extends to furniture details, such as scalloped edges and undulating wood-carved elements. According to Hollis, artisans are fully embracing curvature and more organic forms, signalling a departure from the precision of perfect blocks. This sentiment aligns with Beckstedt’s perspective, predicting a resurgence of Biedermeier furniture and bidding farewell to the days of ‘80s-inspired glass and steel.

East Hampton Residence by Neal Beckstedt

In 2024, the modern interpretation of the humblest materials takes centre stage as a niche but appealing interior design trend. Whether curved, fluted, or wavy, the movement toward more fluid, curvy forms is reshaping living spaces. It’s time to bid adieu to straight-edged wooden furniture options and welcome the more organic, rounded aesthetic that defines the big living room furniture trend for the upcoming year.

In parallel with this curvaceous revolution, sustainability remains a key focus. Designers Rashi and Ruchi highlight the rising use of responsibly sourced and certified wood, as well as the popularity of reclaimed and engineered wood products. The integration of wooden furniture with smart technologies adds functionality, while modular designs and customisation options allow users to tailor pieces to their needs.

As we navigate the design landscape of 2024, the overarching theme is clear—embrace the curves. From iconic seating choices to furniture details, the undulating forms offer a new wave of design possibilities, blending modernity, artistry, and a touch of nostalgia for a truly captivating living.

Will Shorrocks