By Will Shorrocks

Where we choose to live.

There are many financial and practical considerations in choosing where to live but often the real motivation is more likely about the lifestyle we aspire to. It’s a very emotional outlook that drives our choices. Many of us are increasingly drawn to urban enclaves that not only offer a tick list of amenities and transport links but communities that come with an authentic quality of place, character and diversity.

As our cities grow and stretch, areas quickly change from neglected to fashionable, up and coming to gentrified and highly sort after. With our professional and personal interests often tightly bound together, we tend to gravitate to areas where we’ll be surrounded by like-minded neighbours. Looking to establish ourselves within communities that provide a cohesive balance between our work and leisure pursuits. The gym we call into on our route to work, the bars and restaurants we drop in to meet friends in the evening. The cafes, shops and markets where we browse and while away the weekend. The parks and open spaces where we find some respite from city life. The places that become part of the fabric of our daily lives.

Casual apartment interior design with exposed brick and plants

Whether we’re drawn to farmers markets or luxury boutiques, familiar chains or pop-ups, vibrant street culture or leafy suburbs, our choice of postcode says a lot about us. Therefore it’s important we choose carefully to make the right choice of location. One that matches our personality and values. Somewhere we’ll feel at home. A home that is not only immersed in the character of the neighbourhood but a ready-made bolt-hole that meets our demands and expectations of urban living. A turn-key solution that offers style and function with light and space. Quality design and attention to detail as standard. An artfully arranged open plan kitchen and stylish living area. An amazing view across the city.

Man works on his laptop in an apartment with exposed brick and plants
Night time bokeh of lights in the city

Peoples tastes and lifestyle aspirations differ from area to area. What they do, where they eat, what they wear. From east to west, north to south, it’s important to understand who they are and what they’re drawn to. How to create a package that appeals to them. A brand that talks their language.