By Daniel Shaw

Think big, plan well, spend wisely.

Modern brands and businesses have an ever-changing landscape of channels to engage with their customers, each with its own particular audience and limitations. Resulting in greater pressure on brand and marketing teams to feed each channel with engaging on-brand material. Trying to build followers and loyal customers day after day and season after season.

So how can brands achieve this? Think big on brand, spend the time to truly understand what makes you different and the message which personifies it clearest. Then plan big on campaigns and how they’re conveyed across all platforms, with a concise vision and direction for all your brand collateral, implemented with synergy across all touch points.

Big thinking branding

You only get to launch a brand once and it needs to be right, it needs to live, breath, grow and develop with the business – you cant afford to get this wrong. Speaking with clarity to your audience and standing out from the crowd takes time and careful consideration. It’s a staged inclusive journey, with continual reviews and evaluations, culminating in a unique blueprint with a clear point of difference.

Done correctly it guides your brand everywhere and anywhere it lives: It’s the way you answer the phone, your tone of voice on social media, the way you shoot your photography, to how you grade your video, even the design signature of your product.

Investing the time and money here results in long-term value for money; from the loyal customers who buy into the brand, the employees who understand what it stands for and where the business is going, to the investors and partners who can see the bigger picture clearly.

Well planned campaigns

So you have a clear brand message, a unique tone of voice and a blueprint to move forward with, now you need to get this into action and working for your brand.

Producing the campaign messages and creative direction for the season ahead, planning big on how it can evolve over time and adapt to the channels and audience it’s speaking to. Thinking cleverly and with agility so that not only can you get the most out of the campaign but it has the ability to adapt as its story develops.

Collection of luxury fashion and lifestyle photography from short film The Moment

Shooting quality campaign photography and video isn’t cheap, so to ensure this money is invested wisely further detailed planning is essential. So you know how best to achieve your message and what locations, compositions, content, models, props, accessories, clothes, hair and make-up will do this? Planning where will the footage be used, from 96 sheets to social media, and how these formats influence the compositions? Outlining and sourcing every aspect of the shoot. Giving you the confidence that when the shoot takes place it does so with the right equipment, by the best team of professionals, with a clear plan of not only what will happen and is expected but what will be delivered. No surprises, no ifs, no maybes, just more clarity.

Online delivery of social campaign for Delight's lifestyle film The Moment

A bigger, brighter future

It’s the confidence in understanding where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Not only having the tools at your disposal to get there, but knowing exactly how you are going to use them. Getting the most out of each message, photograph and video as you travel on that journey.

It’s the solid foundation to build your brand and business on, the grand blueprint to help it develop and blossom over time. With clarity for stakeholders and customers alike and the focus and direction you need to create a bigger, brighter future.