By Will Shorrocks

Discovering Your Brand's Emotional Narrative.

How much does your brand identity represent the values and message of your business? Does it truly reflect the experience and feeling your are looking to communicate? We approach branding as far more than a visual make over, a new logo, a typeface, or a fresh lick of paint. It’s a chance to build a real connection with your customer. Understand who they are, what their motivation is and how you should engage with them.

At Delight we believe all lifestyle brands and products are based on an emotional proposition. Something we desire rather than necessarily need. This provides you with a unique opportunity to become part of your customer’s own personal narrative and how they choose to express themselves. Making it far easier to identify a unique voice and direction that will set you apart from your competitors. Here are some examples of how this can be achieved.

Laki Kane

A new cocktail bar concept where customers can lose themselves in an authentic tropical escape. The palm tree umbrella marque encapsulates ‘London’s Tropical Escape’, and works alongside a tone of voice which strikes the balance between authentic, charming and spontaneous – with a level of connoisseurship and a few cheeky Polynesian quotes thrown in. Laki Kane specialise in cocktails made from the world’s finest selection of rum, sugar cane syrups and unique exotic ingredients, which is brought to life by the use of detailed hand-painted illustrations. View full case study.

“London’s Tropical Escape. Stepping off a cold wet street in London into a tropical paradise, where the sun is always shining and the good times never end.”

Ted Baker

‘Well Heeled’ is the campaign for Ted Baker's range of luxury Italian hand made shoes. As Ted Baker are all about storytelling any campaign needs to work with their quirky personality, be appealing to existing customers, and in this case attract a more premium audience. Using the name ‘Well Heeled’ for the collection, the concept was based around the journey of the shoes; from design and manufacture to the retail experience and after-care, all with a large helping of Italian peacock attitude. View full case study.

“Sprezzatura for you feet and La Dolce Vita for your sole.”


VINIV offer a truly bespoke experience, guiding their customers from vine to bottle, to create a wine unique to their tastes. By placing the emphasis on this experience the core brand position is ‘The protagonist’s journey through the story of their wine’.

The logo refers to the complete cycle of winemaking, from young growing vines to the glass vials used in the blending process, while rich watercolour backgrounds represent the individual and unique character of each wine.

Beautiful photography follows the protagonist’s journey in Bordeaux and is paired with an emotionally rich tone of voice to describe their adventure. View full case study.

“A life explored, a story bottled.”