By Will Shorrocks

Beyond the dining experience.

Food glorious food, we love it. Each and every day, do we ever stop thinking about it, making it, eating it, enjoying it? It’s such an elemental part of the human condition, our culture, the way we relate to each other. From a basic necessity to poetic artistry, our health and wellbeing, our aspirations and indulgences. They say we eat with our eyes but in fact it engages all our senses. An emotional roller-coaster that in the right hands can transport us to the heights of ecstasy, enrich the soul, or at least leave us feeling pleasantly nourished.

A plate of food at a dining experience

Behind every mouthful there is a story. One of produce and provenance, the changing of the seasons, ideas and creativity, tradition and innovation, tastes and textures, heritage and personality. From the raw ingredients to the finished plate, the philosophy of the kitchen, the inspiration of the cocktail menu and sommelier’s choice of wines, to the theatre and service of the restaurant. The experience of the diner that determines whether they become a regular customer.

After you’ve left them full and satisfied, there is an opportunity to build on your relationship with the customer and deepen their experience beyond the walls of your restaurant.

A glass of wine at a casual bar dining experience
A plate of lobster at a fine dining experience

Working in hospitality you will be all too aware that customers like to be made to feel special. Through your social media channels, you have the opportunity to provide them with an intimate insider experience of the restaurant. There can be many layers to this; from simply keeping them informed of changes to the menu, letting them know what’s currently in season and what’s coming into season, articles about your suppliers, through to promotions and rewards. Ultimately describing what makes your restaurant unique and special.

Every day we are bombarded with newsletters and social media content, often missing the stuff we’re actually interested in. In our experience, the truer you are to your values and the more considered your content is, the more engaged your customers are likely to be. Creating a far stronger relationship between you and them. The next time they’re thinking about eating out, the more likely you are to be at the top of their minds.

Brunch menu blackboard at casual cafe with plants and brick wall