The Hive

A brand which draws on sensory experiences, developed for an international luxury travel event.

Organised by White Line Hotels, The Hive brings together international hoteliers for a weekend of talks and workshops that explore the themes of the senses. We created a new identity that used typography, pattern and colour to abstractly represent the theme. The complex and evolving pattern style brought together ideas of connectivity, art and individuality, and gave us a distinctive and ownable identity to use in the event marketing and collateral.


It is rare to find a partner that not only understands where you are now, but challenges you to think beyond the future while at the same time delivering on cue, within budget with patience, they apply creative direction and inquisitive thinking. Their approach is familiar, mature and intelligent - making them more than just another creative agency.

Iain Ainsworth

Founder, White Line Hotels
Premium brand logotype typography for hospitality event The Hive
Premium brand print collateral invite design with green and blue geometric pattern

An evolving pattern inspired by connectivity, art and individuality.

Luxury printed invite design with green and blue geometric pattern for hotel event The Hive
Luxury gift bag design for The Hive hotel event
Bespoke notebook design for hospitality and hotel event The Hive
Custom name badge design for luxury hotel event The Hive