By Daniel Shaw

From business to brand.

Every business starts with an idea and a vision. But how do you give that idea personality, perspective, philosophy and values? Communicate that clearly to your partners, employees and customers, and ultimately ensure that idea grows and develops into a successful brand.

Just as a business needs a business plan, a brand needs one too – a document which contains everything from a brand model right through to how the brand presents itself on all levels, to all audiences, at all times.

As with your business, it’s important to have a solid foundation to build your brand on, and for us, that comes in the form of a brand model. A powerful tool which is created through a series of meetings to establish, define and refine – concisely outlining the inherent, practical and emotional elements of the brand. It’s important to spend the time to discover what truly makes your brand different from your competition and how that best resonates with customers. We find many of our clients enjoy this process and sometimes describe it as therapy.

An example brand model diagram by Delight Lifestyle Brand Agency

Delight brand model as an example.

Creating a document which acts as a brief to move forward with confidence and direction, a document which expands and grows into a blueprint for the brand's evolution. Outlining both copy and visual tones; everything from colour, shape, message, sound, typography, photography to film – each and every format needs to be considered, and how the brand is best communicated.

A diagram showing how brand model influences all rollout of a brand identity

Delight brand model as an example.

Providing businesses with a complete document which is a very powerful tool to inform and communicate with not only everyone in your business, but partners too.

Placing you in a position to develop all the assets needed to direct the brand and business with focus, clarity, consistency and direction. Whether that be design, photography, moving image or copywriting, with the knowledge that consideration has been made as to what each and every asset will be used for and where.

Delivering a full toolkit of integrated assets containing advertising, print, digital and social media collateral – everything a brand needs to create rich and engaging brand communications across all platforms and all points of contact.